catnap/take a catnap

catnap/take a catnap

catnap/take a catnap

Cat naps are good for both our bodies and our mind. On the one hand, they are very helpful in fighting sleep deprivation.


A very brief but restful period of sleep.

To sleep for a very brief but restful period of time.


Thomas Edison was famous for his ability to catnap anywhere.

I’m going to try to squeeze in a catnap before my next shift starts, or else I’ll be feeling sluggish for the entire evening.

He was tired in the day and would catnap and then be more wakeful at night.

Julie gets up really early to do her writing before the kids wake up, then takes little catnaps throughout the day.

a catnap left me refreshed enough to face the rest of the day

One innovative travel company, Mer Sea, has come up with an elegant solution that allows passengers to both take the chill out of the air and catnap comfortably.

The real benefit, though, is being able to kick your feet up on a stump and lean back, turning the chair into a recliner and putting you in the perfect catnap position.

What’s most remarkable about her catalogue is how much is aimed toward audiences that think ballets are the perfect setting for a catnap.

If that’s not realistic, a 20-minute catnap during a lunch break or before dinner can help too.

Generally, catnaps that are approximately 15 to 20 minutes are fine, experts say, and may reduce fatigue; boost creativity; increase alertness; jumpstart cognitive performance; and improve mood.

Two back-to-back custom chaises are the ideal spot for a quick catnap or afternoon read.

He catnapped just before dawn and rose to the alarm at seven.

She catnapped, shaking herself awake every time she felt herself drifting towards a deeper sleep.

Try and catnap when the baby sleeps, or even just lie in front of the TV for a bit.

Overcome with exhaustion, he lies down on the bed for a catnap.

But the fact is that they take a few dreamless catnaps spread throughout the day and go into a state of lucid dreaming at will, and quite often.

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