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  • thanks for nothing

    thanks for nothing

    Idiom: thanks for nothing The phrase “thanks for nothing” is an idiomatic expression that means “you have not done anything useful or helpful” or “I am not grateful for your help or support.” It is often used as a sarcastic or sarcastic way to express disappointment or frustration with someone’s lack of assistance or effort. […]

  • Eat like a horse

    Eat like a horse

    Idiom: Eat like a horse Meaning Now, a horse is much bigger than a bird. So how much do you think a horse eats? That’s right, to eat like a horse is to eat a large amount of food. When someone eats like a horse, they always eat a lot of food. Examples “My mother […]

  • that’s my girl

    that’s my girl

    Idiom: that’s my girl Meaning An expression used to express praise or pride for a female with whom one has a close relationship, especially one’s daughter. Examples That’s my girl, another report card with straight A’s!It gave me a lot of encouragement to hear my parents shouting “That’s our girl!” during the football game. You […]

  • To go from rags to riches

    To go from rags to riches

    Idiom: To go from rags to riches Meaning To go from being poor to having a lot of money. go from being very poor to being very wealthy be very poor in the beginning then later become very rich go from poverty to wealth Examples “Actor Jim Carrey went from rags to riches. At one […]

  • be taken by surprise

    be taken by surprise

    Idiom: be taken by surprise Meaning To be happened upon when one is not ready, prepared, or on no surprise when you showed up at my office this afternoon for lunch. I wish you would have called ahead! Happen when someone is not prepared or is expecting something different. Examples The enemy encampment was taken […]

  • Pay an arm and a leg for something

    Pay an arm and a leg for something

    Idiom: Pay an arm and a leg for something Meaning To pay a lot of money for something. You can also say that something “costs an arm and a leg.” a very large amount of money To pay an exorbitant amount of money for something. Examples “The price of chocolate has doubled. I nearly paid an arm and a leg for a small […]

  • get taken to task (by someone)

    get taken to task (by someone)

    Idiom: get taken to task (by someone) Meaning To be scolded, rebuked, reprimanded, or criticized (by someone). Examples I got taken to task by the headmaster for disrupting class again It’s not entirely fair that the bankers are the only ones getting taken to task for the economic collapse when a great many politicians are […]

  • To have sticky fingers

    To have sticky fingers

    Idiom: To have sticky fingers Meaning To be a thief. a tendency to steal things The phrase is used more for a petty thief rather than a hardened criminal though. Examples “The manager fired the cashier because he had sticky fingers. He stole more than $200 in a month.” The last person we hired as […]

  • talk a mile a minute

    talk a mile a minute

    Idiom: talk a mile a minute Meaning To speak in a very quick or hurried manner; to talk very fast. To speak quickly or excessively. Examples When the boss gets excited, she starts talking a mile a minute, and I can never follow everything she’s trying to say! Mike was very excited, talking a mile […]

  • Up in the air

    Up in the air

    Idiom: Up in the air Meaning if someone tells you that things are up in the air it means that these things are uncertain or unsure. Definite plans have not been made yet. If a matter is up in the air, it is uncertain, often because other matters have to be decided first. Examples “Jen, […]