harrowing experience

harrowing experience


An experience that is frightening, chilling, or disturbing, either due to an implied or actual element of danger, or from being physically or emotionally unpleasant.


With so much traffic, cycling in this city can be a harrowing experience.

Walking through that graveyard last night was quite the harrowing experience.

The film is very good, but it’s a bit of a harrowing experience; it doesn’t shy away from intense subject matter.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the idiom ‘harrowing experience’ mean?

The idiom ‘harrowing experience’ means “to deal with a difficult situation without being harmed or damaged”

How do you use ‘harrowing experience’ in a sentence?

Example usage of idiom ‘harrowing experience’: Newspapers have weathered the storm of online information by providing news online themselves.

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