Lose your touch

Lose your touch

Idiom: Lose your touch


to lose your touch actually means that you lose the ability or talent you once had when dealing with things, people or situations.

We use this when you’re usually good at a certain skill or talent, but then things start to go wrong.


“I don’t understand why none of the girls here want to speak to me.”

“It looks like you’ve lost your touch with the ladies.”

“Oh no, they used to love me, what happened?”

It’s good to see their goalkeeper’s not losing his touch.

You only beat me once in the last five games – you’re not losing your touch, are you?

His last album flopped; he seems to be losing his touch.

The students no longer listen to my threats—I must be losing my touch.

He used to be one of the league’s elite shooters, but it seems like he’s lost his touch.

Despite thirteen years in the job, she has not lost her touch.

The guv’nor is a former pork butcher who has clearly not lost his touch.

He’s not as good a salesman as he used to be. He’s losing his touch.

You haven’t sold anything today. You must be losing your touch.

Michelle was my best friend at the university. But over the years we’ve lost touch.

Don’t ever lose touch you always be my best friends.

The plane was flying above the Atlantic ocean when it lost touch.

He was once a great player, but with age, he has lost his touch.

She seems to have lost her touch with managing children; they don’t listen to her anymore.

I can no longer sing like that. I’ve lost touch since I had infection years back.

It’s good to see that even after all these years, the performer has not lost his touch.

You may have the talent, but if you do not practice enough, you will lose your touch someday.

He used to be an outstanding orator, but he has lost his touch following his illness.

That was a great performance. You have not lost your touch at all.

The star player said he wanted to retire at the top of his game before he lost his touch.

Their leaders have lost touch with what is happening in the country. 

They’ve lost touch with what is happening in the country.

the party has lost touch with the voters

Sport is beginning to lose touch with seasonality.

Where did it originate?

The origin of this phrase is not clear.

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