Sit tight

Sit tight

Idiom: Sit tight


if a person tells you to sit tight they want you to wait patiently and take no action until you hear otherwise.

If you sit tight, you remain in the same place or situation and do not take any action, usually because you are waiting for something to happen

To wait patiently without taking any immediate action.


“Mrs. Carter, do you have any idea when the exam results are going to come out?”

“Who knows Johnny, sometimes they come out quickly but it could take some time. You’re just going to have to sit tight and wait.”

“we’re advising our clients to sit tight and neither to buy nor sell”

My parents tried to persuade me not to go alone, but I sat tight.

You sit tight, and I’ll go get help.

Life would continue to be hard but if they sat tight and trusted him things would get better.

In the meantime, private-equity companies are being forced to sit tight, in the absence of any sales or acquisitions.

It won’t be enough to sit tight in a safely rotten borough.

So I sat tight while the minute hand on the grandmother clock above the empty fireplace hauled itself upright to mark the hour.

The obvious tactic is to sit tight and wait to see how things progress before making a move.

They told me to sit tight and wait and see if he got in touch.

With no debt burden it is lucky enough to be able to sit tight and wait for the upturn.

we’ll just have to sit tight till we hear from him

We’ve decided to sit tight and not sell the house yet.

Just relax and sit tight, we’ll get the problem sorted for you.

During times of financial turbulence, its best to sit tight and not make any hasty investment decisions.

The doctor told him to just sit tight while he bandaged his injured leg.

Should we send him a reply or just sit tight and see what he does next?

I’m going to sit tight and not pay these charges till I get a clarification from the bank.

The coach advised his team to sit tight and wait for the results to come in.

I have not decided upon which course to take. I’ll sit tight till I get the results of the entrance test.

I think you should just sit tight and not interfere while he gets this fixed.

Where did it originate?

This phrase originated during the 1700s.

Britain, 18th century. Probably an allusion to birds sitting quiet and still when threatened by a predator.

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