with (one’s) head held high

with (one's) head held high


Displaying pride and confidence, often (but not always) after something has gone wrong.


Even though I knew I blew the presentation, I walked out of the conference room with my head held high… and then cried in my car.

After hearing that he had been named to the all-star team, Paul walked through the halls with his head held high.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the idiom ‘with (one’s) head held high’ mean?

The idiom with (one’s) head held high means “to deal with a difficult situation without being harmed or damaged”

How do you use ‘with (one’s) head held high’ in a sentence?

Example usage of idiom ‘with (one’s) head held high’: Newspapers have weathered the storm of online information by providing news online themselves.

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